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Puerto Vallarta Properties



As an investment  one must think of resale value—will it be easier or harder to sell in the future?  In Vallarta it will be easier to sell in the future because of many things.

 Offer and demand ---due to the amount of tourism here,  Vallarta has more than 60,000 Americans and Canadians living here with the infrastructure to support them and each year more and more choose Vallarta as their preference to live and invest in. With more people coming and going there is more demand for properties and services, this  makes it much easier to rent out your property should you wish to.

The size of Vallarta and it´s attraction as a retirement destination means that there are  many options for first class medical treatment  with  excellent hospital facilities and doctors (from  important emergency  surgeries to cosmetic plastic surgery)

Climate and location --  Vallarta   is on the same latitude as Hawaii, and  the Bay shelters  us and  reduces  the force and intensity  from the open sea hurricanes that plague so many other resort destinations.

Number of activities to participate in – there are   land and adventure tours,  water activities and cruises, fishing,  world-class golfing, small towns to visit on day trips, weekend  food  festivals and  many  other events throughout the year

Distance to airport from downtown is 10 min in Vallarta as opposed to, say,   40 min from other resorts which  over time can be an appreciable difference. We have also had several non-stop flights added to our destination meaning that Vallarta can be as little as four hours from your home.

The higher  cost of living in other beach destinations can be  about double the price of Vallarta

Cultural options in Vallarta --  there is  much more theatre,  music, events, art galleries and indigenous art work and culture to be found here as well

aerial view of Puerto Vallarta