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Laura Dean in Puerto Vallarta

  • Rainy Season — Click

    The rainy season in Banderas Bay is between June and October. Every year is a little different, sometimes we get more rain and sometimes less, but usually the rain falls at night leaving the day sunny and ready to explore. Several times during the season there are a few days of just rain but all …

  • El Grito — Independence Day! click to see more

    El Grito is Mexico´s Independence Day celebrated the 16th of September. Like Paul Revere´s famous ride, the priest Miguel Hidalgo rang the bell and gave the Shout for Independence which spread throughout Mexico in 1810. Tired of being ruled from Spain, those born in Mexico wanted to rule their own country. Every year at midnight …

  • Watch this Video about Puerto Vallarta

    This will inspire you to really take a look at what a wonderful place it is. Come and take a closer look. You will be happy here!  

  • Live in Puerto Vallarta

        Relax and enjoy the sunsets! You will want to stay and you can. Find out about properties in Puerto Vallarta. Contact me:  laura@rex-mexico.com